Inspire Greatness in Others

The whole world is your piano. 

What kind of music will you share?


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About IGIO



IGIO is about being an example to family and providing continual encouragement and support to your dearest loved ones.



IGIO is about focusing on the positive and being a part of life - each and every moment. Recognize the great and awesome events happening in your life. 



IGIO is about taking the 'unknown' and catalyzing that fear into positive action for yourself and those around you.

TODAY...It's your turn to Inspire Greatness in others


About Craig

Craig has a unique perspective on various issues affecting us today. From politics to family values, his life is a reflection of views that have been molded through many positive and negative experiences of life.

Through this medium, Craig hopes to share encouragement and support to others in their daily walk through life. Just like countless others, he has a story to tell. A story about being a conservative, Christian, gay man who has never let the negative impacts of the world stop him from achieving his dreams.

He is a father to three awesome kids and currently lives in the Reno/Tahoe area with his husband, Erick. His hope is that you will take a moment each and every day to inspire greatness in others.